Statement and TLOs Supported by ACDA.

We are delighted to announce that the Statement on the Nature and Extent of Agriculture and Threshold Learning Outcomes (PDF) has received support from the Australian Council of Deans of Agriculture (ACDA).

On Wednesday 9 April, Project Leader, Dr Tina Acuna delivered a successful presentation to the ACDA to secure their support.

The ACDA commended the consultative process and outcomes of the project.

The Statement is the result of an extensive seven month consultation process with academics, students and industry across Australia. The team gathered qualitative and quantitative data from 19 workshops, three surveys and one submission. In total, 291 participants have been engaged in these activities, with 606 items of qualitative feedback.

In March, the data was collated into a second report that informed discussion by the Reference Group to develop the final version of Statement and TLOs.

The full version of the document, which includes an introduction, explanatory notes, benchmarking against the AQF and acknowledgements will be submitted to the ACDA at the 2014 spring meeting.


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