Snapshot from the Consultation Process.

Workshop at University of Western Australia

Workshop at University of Western Australia

The consultation process was a crucial aspect of developing the Statement and TLOs.

Some of the key themes that were identified were around agricultural production, sustainability, business, training and skills, the scientific method, national and international perspectives of agriculture, multidisciplinary, innovation, and personal characteristics of people who are employed in the discipline.

Here is a sample of some of the valuable feedback we received:

Practical skills:

“Agriculture is by its very nature, applied. The graduate of a bachelor degree does not necessarily have to be entirely competent with every single practical skill, but they must at least have awareness and know how to go find out about the doing when called upon to do so in the real world.”

Nature and extent of agriculture:

“One of the greatest threats to society is global food shortage. An understanding of how decisions made at the farm level impact upon the wider environment and the farming system (the sustainability of the farming practices/decisions) is just as important as understanding the scientific principles of genetics and breeding”

Multidisciplinary nature of agriculture:

“Agriculture is both fragmented and integrated”

“We are much more multi- disciplinary and integrated across the disciplines – [Ag] goes across science plus many other areas.”

Practical training:

“On the job training in second or third year is a key element. [They need] ‘real life experience’ to apply knowledge”

Knowledge of agriculture:

“Scientific knowledge is absolutely paramount. It is only through rigorous scientific inquiry that true understanding occurs. Such understanding can then ensure sound, informed decisions to be made.”


“Communication and management of communication – both inward and outward – so being able to talk to the general public as well as colleagues. Communicating effectively to different audiences (specialist and generic).”

“Ag grads must understand requirements to work within global village – communication and networks”

Personal and professional responsibility:

“Science is based around trust – a sense of commitment to truth and integrity”

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