Curriculum Mapping Tool Update.

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The online Curriculum Mapping Tool has been developed to enable the mapping of curriculum against a set of user-defined statements. The tool is designed so that users can set up an instance of the tool to map a grouping of Units or Courses comprising a Major or Degree against a set of Criterion Statements (for example TLO statements against which the curriculum is to be evaluated).

Design features

  • Most of the elements in the tool are editable in order to maximise ability to use it for mapping against different kinds of standards statements.
  • The Report function produces a ‘traffic light’ report that provides a visual representation for each group of Units, indicating where standards are reached or not achieved.

The current version of the tool was developed by software development company Insight4 (

The tool will be available for other users to host, if you are interested in using the tool please contact the Project Officer, Phoebe Bobbi. 


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